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Name:Casper Elton Price
Birthdate:Apr 1
Location:Manhattan, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

And we'll paint by numbers, 'Til something sticks
Don't mind doing it for the kids
So come on, jump on board, Take a ride, yeah!

Kids, Robbie Williams & Kylie Minogue

Casper Elton Price is the youngest (and very unplanned) child of conservative local politician Martin Price, and his anti-abortion advocate wife, Anne (and yes, he was named after his mom's favourite cartoon character and singer). They couldn't have been more strict in the way they raised their kids, and her older brother went on to become a politician in his own right. There were very strict expectations put on daughter, Lori, their second born but she was always a bit of a free spirit. Casper was never meant to even exist with the couple planning only two, and hoped for a boy and a girl, which they got. However, Casper was a result of too much booze at a celebration of their dad's re-election to office and with Mrs Price being so anti-abortion, they had no choice but to welcome their third and last bundle of joy 22 months after Lori, Casper.

Whilst they raised their first two rather strictly and with high expectations, they kind of dropped the ball and were more lax with unplanned Casper. They were a little older now and more weathered to parenthood, and with Casper being a bright, happy child, they just took it as it came with his. So, where his big brother was another stick-in-the-butt politician, and Lori having had passionate disagreements with her father on all things political, and kept her sexual orientation, totally and completely lesbian, quiet, Casper was a lot more wild and free. At one point, a political opponent of their father's attempted to use Lori's sexuality to discredit him, but Lori firmly denied it, and soon afterwards, at least for the time being, changed her promiscuous ways to only sleep with people that she knew she could trust so that her father's position wouldn't be threatened.

However, just a year or so later, Casper was hitting puberty and after losing his virginity to a guy who lived over the back fence from them at the tender age of 15, he decided he firmly and emphatically loved sex, was gay, and had no intentions of hiding it. He had many boyfriends through high school and didn't give a flying fuck what his dad's politician colleagues thought. It never really marred the political career, but those opposing homosexuality just liked to tar Casper with the 'gay slut' label and he was just like that because he was homosexual. Maybe, but he was having epic fun and wasn't going to stop. He was safe and he was proud, and nothing was going to stop that.

It set the climate for his own rise to fame. He was in the process of falling in and out of love more often than he changed his underpants, he had a lot of sex, he wasn't faithful, and he wanted to live life large. He was an excitable guy, always the life of the party and the one to never pass up a dare, and he had too many friends that he had lost count. He initially wanted to be an actor or a comedian, but when an audition came up in New York where his big sister was already living for the host of a kids variety show called Doin' It For the Kids!, his bubbly personality alone scored him the gig. It meant he got to interview celebs popular in the kid world, and do all sorts of crazy, whacky and fun things for the sake of the TV show that aired every Saturday morning. He even has a segment on his show called 'Don't Try This At Home, Kids!' where he travels all around the country trying out crazy, unusual, or not commonly known activities on offer that he finds through Google searches with everything from cheese rolling to being an Elvis impersonator in Vegas.

He hit star status pretty rapidly and became an internet sensation because of how much he interacted with fans on social media and had a crazy knack for posting funny things that would end up going viral. Unfortunately, it never really stop his promiscuity. If anything, it just made him worse with a lot more offers. He would often be snapped by the paparazzi snogging guys and flipping off the camera in the process, and he was licked to a variety of male celebrities, leading to people trying to guess who he was dating next. He loves it and he thrives on the buzzing lifestyle. He is extremely close to his big sister and he's always hanging around bugging her just for the hell of it, but she really loves having him close. She is fondly long-suffering of his antics, especially is ability to fall in and out of 'love' so frequently, and she hopes he might settle eventually, never not on the look out for nice guys to set him up with... all of whom he gets bored off after a few dates. He pretty much manages to have fag hags adopt him all over, and he is the self-professed lesbo to one of his best friend, Ricki Stewart and while his closet confidante is other best friend, Corey Fitzpatrick.

Casper respects Lori's decision to stay closeted and have a 'beard' in her own career in the entertainment industry, and he tries to help out, albeit with whacky ideas for keeping her relationship secret. Only in his very early 20s, Casper really doesn't know what he wants out of long-term life and isn't ready to think about it yet. He tends to have a Scarlett O'Hara attitude to things, in that he'll 'think about all that tomorrow', but tomorrow has never come for him. He figures, why should he over-analyse shit when he's content and happy? A notion his family have just accepted with him as simply being just Casper, and one of a kind.

Casper is an Original Character
for musebox / psl, dreamlikenewyork.

Casper is an original muse character with no fandom affiliation.
For RP and muse purposes only.
PB is Connor Franta, who belongs to himself.

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